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Cleveland Drone FAQ

Below is a list of Drone Frequently Asked Questions. Our Drone FAQ section is meant to help. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have. We are happy to help!


How do I fly a drone?

Drones are actually somewhat sophisticated pieces of machinery, depending on your experience level. They operate using a series of carefully-placed propellers and motors to lift and maneuver a camera through the air. We utilize a remote device to pilot our drones by communicating with the drone directions, speeds, altitudes, take offs, landings and more. Further we utilize gimbals on our drones to maneuver our on-board photography and videography equipment to achieve the best shots possible.


Why should I use drone video?

Drone video, quite frankly, provides video you can’t get any other way. And now achieving this type of video is more affordable than ever before. Cleveland drone video can make a project stand out from the rest. If you carefully place your drone video in your project, it can be quite a useful tool.


How do I shoot video with a drone?

We utilize photography and videography equipment on board our drones through the use of gimbals and remote devices. We monitor the video we are shooting while we shoot it, to discover new angles and fresh views for your video. When our drones are in the air, we maintain constant communication with our on-board camera to determine the best angles and maneuvers to get the shots you need.


How do I take photos with a drone?

Cleveland drone photography is an incredible tool for many industries. With shots above a property looking straight downward, we are able to provide a complete overview of a property for inspection, construction, potential buyers and more. You can take photos with a drone through the use of an on-board camera and a gimbal. We are in constant communication with our camera while in flight to maneuver the camera and achieve the best-possible shots.


How do I edit drone video?

Drone video can be edited very similarly to other types of video: through the use of video-editing tools and software. There may be a few variations from editing drone video compared with ground video, due to the nature of drone flying, but more or less it is the same. When possible, we like to tell stories with our drone video, providing dramatic effects when possible.


How do I edit drone photos?

Drone photos can be edited through the use of color correction and Photoshop software. We can provide your photos to you in just about any resolution you need and in any format you need.


Where do I advertise drone video?

YouTube is currently the best and most prominent place to start with for your drone video. Make sure you optimize your video for SEO on YouTube. Once your video is on YouTube, your video becomes quite versatile for advertising in other locations. Put you video on your website and on your social media accounts. We maintain a list of ways you can use your drone video for advertising, and we can help.


Where do I advertise drone photos?

Drone photos are great ways to showcase your property. They are eye-catching and provide fantastic angles. Advertise drone photographs in any of the same manners you would a ground photo, but you may show it off more than you regularly do, because the angles are more eye-catching.


How do I use a drone for real estate?

How you use a drone for real estate will largely depend on your overall marketing plan for your specific location. Drone photographs and videos provide angles that you simply cannot get any other way. We create a list of shots that we can attempt to get at your location and help you make your real estate project great.


How do I use a drone for my farm?

How you use your drone for your farm largely depends on what your current needs are. If you are wanting a complete inspection of your property but don’t want to pay high dollar amounts for an airplane to come out and take pictures and you don’t want to do a complete walk-through of your property, our drones can help. If you need mapping of your location, a drone is a great tool. Drones are quite a versatile tool for farming.


Which drone should I buy?

The type of drone you should be largely depends on your experience level with drones and what your needs are. There is a growing list of manufacturers building reliable drone at price points ranging from $50 to $15,000 or more. Consider what your needs are, how frequently you would be using the drone and for what purposes. We would recommend different drones for different uses and for different experience levels. Remember: if you are inexperienced with drones, the less expensive of a drone you purchase, the less expensive it is to replace or buy replacement parts, as drones require constant upkeep and maintenance.


Which drone is easiest to use?

The drone that is easiest to use would be the one that works with your experience level and your needs for that drone. There are multiple reliable manufacturers that offer a range of different drones for different needs. We recommend starting off with an inexpensive, manual-use drone, and then moving up to GPS-enabled drones with more features.


What kind of camera should I get with my drone?

The highest-quality camera you can afford that fits with your drone. Not every camera works with every drone. Selecting a camera is just as important as selecting a drone. Choose a drone and drone camera that offers high-quality equipment for great shots. We recommend shooting video on Ultra High Definition 4K videography equipment and shooting photographs on high-resolution still cameras. Before you purchase a camera, consult the manufacturer of your drone to make sure the camera will work with your drone.


How do I hire a drone professional?

Make sure your drone professional is certified by the FAA. FAA certification is now required for commercial drone pilots. This ensures that the drone pilot has reached a certain level of achievement in knowledge of flying drones from a safety and maintenance standpoint.


How do I fly a drone safely?

A good starting point with flying a drone safely is following the FAA guidelines, which include pre-flight maintenance and testing, yielding to airports and other aircraft, flying below 400 feet in altitude and under 100 miles per hour, flying only in favorable weather conditions, and maintaining a constant line of sight with the drone, among other safety variables. Always use common sense when flying your drone, don’t fly over crowds of people, streets, or moving traffic, and fly only during daylight hours. As you become more experienced flying drones, you learn other safety aspects as it pertains to the drones you use.


Where do I hire a drone professional?

Right here at Cleveland Drone – Birdview Cleveland Drones, of course! =) Make sure your drone professional has reached a certain level of achievement in safety and maintenance as provided by the FAA through the use of its Drone Certification program and that the drone professional meets your photography and videography needs.


How much does it cost to hire a drone professional?

It really varies on the project and what your needs are. Give us a call, and we can give you a price quote.


What are the Cleveland drone laws?

In April 2016, Cleveland City Council passed a new Cleveland Drone Law that includes allowing local authorities to assist the FAA in regulating drones. The City of Cleveland requires drone users to register their drones with the FAA and follow all FAA laws.


Does my drone pilot need to be licensed?

If you are flying your drone for fun or as a hobby, there are no licensing requirements other than registering your drone with the FAA as a hobbyist. If you are hiring someone to fly a drone for any reason or if you are using a drone for business in any way, your drone pilot must register his or her drones with the FAA as commercial drones and the pilot must be certified by the FAA after taking an Air Knowledge Test and passing a TSA background check.


How high can I fly my drone?

You legally can fly your drone up to 400 feet in altitude from the spot you launch your drone, unless you receive a special waiver from the FAA to fly higher by proving that you can do so safely. We typically don’t fly our drones more than 250 feet, as that seems to meet our needs quite well.


May I hire someone else to operate a drone?

Yes, you may hire someone to operate a drone for you and use those photographs or video for your own purposes. Make sure the person you are hiring to fly a drone for you is FAA Drone Certified.


May I use a drone to shoot aerial images of my real estate listings?

Yes, more and more real estate listings are utilizing drone technology to showcase properties. Quite frankly, drones provide the ability to take photographs or video you can’t get any other way.


Where can I fly my drone?

You can fly your drone anywhere as long as you have permission to do so and as long as it can be done safely. If you are flying within five miles of an airport, the FAA you need to receive clearance from that airport. Many public entities have rules against flying drones over their properties, so you will want to check with those entities prior to flying. We can help answer many questions as to where you can fly your drones. Just give us a call at 216.916.7313.
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