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Some of the most beautiful, modern aerial photography and videography services are taken by aerial drone professionals at Birdview Cleveland Drones. Call us today at (216) 916-7313 to have us meet your Cleveland drone needs.

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Cleveland Drone – Birdview Cleveland Drones shoots photos and video you can’t get any other way. We are a full-service drone photography and videography company based in Cleveland and serving all of northeastern Ohio and beyond. We want you to have the best photos and video available for your project and work with you to make sure we meet your needs.

Drone photography and videography provides plenty of unique angles for your projects. While we typically fly our drones between 25 and 200 feet in altitude, by law we can fly our drones up to 400 feet, providing with great shots and a wide array of flexibility. We have found some of the best shots for your project are at a medium or fairly close angle. When we use our ultra high definition 4K cameras or high resolution photography equipment, you get pictures that “wow” your audience.

Aerial drone photography and videography help your real estate stand out from the crowd, sell more quickly, and offer a higher perceived value. Our services help farms with mapping their crops, inspections of fields and saves time and money. We help property and construction site operators obtain an aerial view of their sites and inspect roofs and construction jobs.

If you are looking to fly your own drones and shoot your own aerial video, we want to help you make sure you operate your equipment safely and properly. We take pride in our industry and want others to learn proper maintenance, piloting and operational techniques. The FAA oversees operational aspects of the drone industry and provides a good starting point for proper maintenance and safety procedures for flying your drone and achieving powerful images.


Drone Video

We are able to provide you with drone video in a variety of formats. We offer full editing services complete with music, voice overs, logos, text, color correction, slow motion, dissolves, and more. The typical drone-video runs 1 to 2 minutes and provides perspectives of your property that you can’t get any other way. If you only need snippets of video, that’s not a problem. We can send you the video vitually any way you would like.

We shoot on ultra high-definition 4K video equipment and edit in this format. If you require a lower resolution to fit your online needs, please tell us what the purpose of your video is and we can make sure your video format and file size is correct for your use.

We encourage you to use your drone video to its fullest extent possible. There are already a large number of places to upload your video for promotion or marketing. If you need a list of the latest and greatest places to use your drone video, please ask. We want to make this the best experience possible for you. Many individuals and organizations need a particular clip or edited video for the website; this is our specialty.  

When we shoot drone real estate video or exterior video of a building or property, we at Cleveland Drone – Birdview Cleveland Drones utilize a list of must-have shots that we aim to achieve. After we get these shots, if you have other specific shots you need, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate those needs. If you have specific shots you need up front, let us know so we can determine whether those shots are possible and so we can gear our efforts toward getting those particular views.


Drone Photography

Our drone photography service is one of the most popular things we offer. If you need a set of shots to complete a portfolio for your property sale, drone aerial photography is a great way to showcase some of the best aspects of a property from great angles.

One of the best uses of drone photography is property layout. When you fly a drone over a property and point the camera downward, you are able to capture a site layout photograph that you can’t get any other way. This allows potential buyers or inspectors to have a complete picture of exactly what they are working with regarding the property. This shot is particularly helpful with site planning, drawing property lines, and inspection.

Another great shot we aim to get with our photography services is an aerial shot from just above the top of the building from the front. This photo makes a great opening shot for a portfolio showing from a great angle.

We are able to shoot both interior and exterior property photographs to round out your portfolio. If you need exterior drone and interior handheld high-resolution photographs, please tell us how many you need. We achieve both in a high-resolution format and deliver them in a timely fashion. If you have specific shots that you would like for a particular photography project, we are confident we can get those taken for you.

One area in which drone photography is taking off is with real estate. Aerial and ground real estate photography has turned into a great way to showcase the properties you are selling. Aerial photographs along with photos you take from the ground offer perspectives that were never before available to real estate sellers. Then you can advertise your aerial and drone photography online, in pamphlets and in any other marketing materials that you wish to create.


Drone Laws

Drone laws are changing rapidly in an industry that is just now getting off the ground. In June 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration announced the latest and most complete list of commercial drone laws. Drone pilots now are required to hold an FAA Part 107 Certificate, which requires completion of a written test and passing a TSA background check.

The FAA, the government agency charged with overseeing drone regulations in the United States, requires commercial drones to weigh less than 55 pounds, a drone pilot or his or her visual observer to maintain a visual line of site of the drone at all times, flights to not exceed 400 feet in altitude from the launching point, daylight-only operations or civil twilight operations within 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset, yielding the right of way to other aircraft, groundspeeds of less than 100 miles per hour, weather visibility of at least 3 miles from the launching position, operations in class G airspace, no reckless operations, and a preflight inspection for maintenance and checking the location. The current FAA laws also provide that these flight requirements are waivable upon approval of the project by the FAA. Cleveland drone laws provide that drone pilots follow all FAA laws.

Cleveland Drone Construction Site Video Inspection

Drones are capable of presenting the most accurate possible measurements of a construction site. Drones are able to properly measure data from an aerial perspective, and are able to distinguish measurements more accurately than humans. 
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Birdview Drone Cleveland pilots and videographers follow all FAA and Cleveland Drone Laws and safety protocols. Let us help you with your drone video project today!

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